Need gutter and spouting systems?

Prolong Roofing supply and install a wide range of spouting products to existing or new buildings. 

There's more to a drain than rain

Prolong Roofing know the importance of installing guttering correctly. The purpose of gutters and downpipes is to collect rainwater and divert it away from water-susceptible areas of a house. 

When gutter and spouting systems fail water can back up against fascias and under roofing, can damage soffits, and discolor or deteriorate internal and external walls. Faulty roof plumbing may cause soil erosion next to buildings and serious water and foundation displacement in basements and crawl spaces.

When it rains it pours

If your gutters pour water into the garden or down external walls of the house they need attention.  Gutters are subject to damage from ladders and being stepped on, as well as from falling treel limbs and debris.

Prolong Roofing are experts on spouting repair and maintenance including leak detection and repairs or replacement of flashings, internal gutters and downpipes. We source our spouting materials and fittings from top suppliers.

If you are installing a new roof, then new gutters and spouting can be integrated into your roofing system.

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