What can Prolong Roofing do for you?

New Roofs

Prolong Roofing have an extensive range of roofing options.


We are specialists in installing new roofs that will last for years.


Prolong Roofing repair all roof maintenance problems including moss build-up and shingle or flashing replacement.


We offer sound advice on cladding solutions to withstand the worst weather New Zealand can throw at your home.


Prolong Roofing supply and install a wide range of spouting products. 

We need to install a new roof, where do we start?

Building a new home is a big commitment and you need a roof that will protect that investment.

Prolong Roofing are trusted tradesmen

We're on top of our game and have been keeping homes warm, dry and looking great for years. If you need to know about roofing you need to know about Prolong Roofing. 

What's the weather like where you live?

Your home's microclimate may well be a determining factor when it comes to choosing a new roof.  Wellington's weather causes pockets of extremes.  Ask Prolong Roofing about a roof that best suits your situation and, of course, how we can keep your budget capped.

Cost is only one factor to keep in mind when choosing your new roof

A roof significantly impacts on the style and resell value of your home.

Prolong Roofing can inform you on:

  • available roof styles and which are best suited to your house
  • durability of roofing materials and their performance in extreme conditions
  • installation practices
  • product warrantees
  • roof maintenance
  • spouting systems

Contact Prolong Roofing today for more information.

We need to re-roof, will we have to move out?

Prolong Roofing know how major construction projects can inflict turmoil on the occupants of a house so we install your new roof over the top of your existing one.  If this sounds like the best option for you then roof-replacements can be undertaken at any time of the year.

We need to keep a roof on costs

Prolong Roofing will walk you through the job to ensure you are getting exactly what your house needs and what your budget can afford.  Re-roofing can be one of the biggest expenses you will have to face as a home owner. Your house is your largest investment and your roof is key to protecting your house, family and contents. 

When you need a replacement you want it to last. 

Will there be any hidden costs?

Prolong Roofing costs are all explained and put on the table before the job begins.  However re-roofing, often uncovers other hidden problems such as leaks or a lack of proper insulation.  We will consult you about these as they become obvious.  If necessary we can take care of these too as fixing them while the roof is being replaced is more cost effective and you will have peace of mind knowing that these problems won’t arise in the future.

This will be a messy process?

Prolong Roofing ensure that your site is thoroughly cleaned on completion and all rubbish removed.  No problem.

Is your roof looking worse for wear?

Interior water damage may indicate roof problems

Wind driven rain can get under roof shingles or through damaged flashing around chimneys, vents and skylights and seep into your home.  If shingles are damaged or missing the likelihood of water damage occurring is high.

A stitch in time

Getting a few small repairs done now will save you having to fork out to cover the huge costs associated with fixing interior and exterior water damage later on - or even the cost of roof replacement.

Prolong Roofing locate and stop leaks with solutions appropriate to the scale of your problem. We are knowledgeable and experienced locals who know what the Wellington climate can throw at a house.

Prevention is better

Keep your roof clean and in good condition to extend its life. Eventually though, even the most well tended roof will need repairing. Prolong Roofing offer roof treatments, moss build-up elimination and shingle, gutter and flashing replacements.