We need to install a new roof, where do we start?

Building a new home is a big commitment and you need a roof that will protect that investment.

Prolong Roofing are trusted tradesmen

We're on top of our game and have been keeping homes warm, dry and looking great for years. If you need to know about roofing you need to know about Prolong Roofing. 

What's the weather like where you live?

Your home's microclimate may well be a determining factor when it comes to choosing a new roof.  Wellington's weather causes pockets of extremes.  Ask Prolong Roofing about a roof that best suits your situation and, of course, how we can keep your budget capped.

Cost is only one factor to keep in mind when choosing your new roof

A roof significantly impacts on the style and resell value of your home.

Prolong Roofing can inform you on:

  • available roof styles and which are best suited to your house
  • durability of roofing materials and their performance in extreme conditions
  • installation practices
  • product warrantees
  • roof maintenance
  • spouting systems

Contact Prolong Roofing today for more information.